How Peptamen Junior Formulas Work

How  Formulas Work

How  Formulas Work

Absorption & 

Peptamen Junior® tube-feeding formulas are specialized enteral nutrition designed to support absorption and tolerance in children with a gastrointestinal Impairment. Gastrointestinal disorders can cause nutritional challenges. Depending on the severity of the condition, intake and digestion of nutrients can be challenging. Peptamen Junior® tube-feeding formulas can help to address these challenges so you can nourish your child everyday with confidence

Peptamen Junior® tube-feeding formulas are recommended for children who:

  1. Cannot tolerate formulas with intact or whole protein, also known as standard formulas
  2. Have digestive tract impairment, which may lead to diarrhea, vomiting or discomfort associated with tube feeding
  3. May have problems digesting or absorbing protein or fat

Peptamen® Formula Fact Sheet

Download this helpful information to share with your healthcare team.


means your body is soaking up the nutrients, 
(as opposed to maldigestion or causing diarrhea).


means your body is accepting the nutrients it received, 
(as opposed to intolerance or causing vomiting and diarrhea).

If you’re managing you child's nutritional challenges of a GI disorder, absorption and tolerance are important words to know. 

Imagine you're gardening and it's the time of year to start applying fertilizer for optimal growth. As you search for the best fertilizer, you discover many varieties.

Some are designed for flowers, some for grass, and so much depends upon which nutrients the soil needs.

Like choosing a specific fertilizer created for a certain plant and environment, choosing a tube-feeding formula for your child is similar.

peptamen junior formulas


Designed to support absorption and tolerance

  1. The only pediatric formula with enzymatically hydrolyzed 100% whey protein to facilitate gastric emptying

  2. Smaller, easy-to-absorb peptides

  3. A high percentage of fat as medium chain triglycerides (60%), which can be rapidly absorbed by the body, empty quickly from the stomach and used for energy

  4. A comprehensive range of peptide-based formulas to meet different nutritional needs

  5. From Nestlé Health Science; used by healthcare professionals for 20 years, widely studied with more than 20 clinical studies and proven to support tolerance in patients with impaired GI function.

The PEPTAMEN® Junior family of formulas is designed for the following:


  1. Malabsorption
  2. Pancreatitis
  3. Short Bowl Syndrome
  4. Chronic Diarrhea
  5. Crohn's Disease
  6. Cystic Fibrosis
  7. Delayed Gastric Emptying
  8. Cerebral Palsy
  9. Malnutrition
  10. Malabsorption related to Cancer Treatment
  11. Elevated Protein Requirements
  12. Shortened Feeding Schedules
  13. Fluid/Volume Restrictions
  14. Growth Failure
  15. Bowel Management



(Total Parenteral Nutrition is IV nutrition)


Tips, Tools & Resources

Maintaining Personal Health

Tips for keeping your mouth, nose or tube site healthy while tube feeding.

Let's "Break It Down"

Facts about protein and peptides.

Go for the Goals

Use this worksheet to help track your prescribed tube-feeding schedule.

Quick Links

Additional resources on tube feeding, caregiving and more.

Tube-Feeding Troubleshooting

Helpful Information for navigating problems such as clogs.


A variety of taste options for those who consume Peptamen® formula orally.